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Skill Up with Joanna Dobinson : Corner like a Queen!

Allow Joanna Dobinson’s 21 years on the bike to get your flow on! Every few weeks she will show you a new

'Game Changer’ that will add great confidence to your ride!

Are you afraid of flat corners? Have you ever taken a corner and the next thing you are biting the dust and are in a heap on the floor? Do you know that you should not turn your handle bar to corner around a flat corner? Instead you should control the bike from your feet and move your bike from your feet into your hips and use your weight to turn your bike from your hips! Hips don't lie ladies, hips don’t lie! Apply these simple game changing steps, and feel your confidence soar as you release your inner child on the bike!

Set up cones in an arch, place beacons 4 meters apart and make the middle beacon a different colour to the rest.

Step 1

Always have your outside leg down around and flat corner. So if you are cornering left, your right leg will be straight.

(6 o clock on a clock) place all your weight on the outside foot and drop your heel and feel how your stability improves.

Step 2

Elbows out - Boobs2bar - I’m sure some of you have heard my famous mantra - Boobs2Bar! This gets your weight to the front of your bike, increases traction on you front wheel and lowers your centre of gravity for better traction . Remember your bike is still centred with your weight over the bottom bracket because all of you weight is on your outside foot.

Step 3

Look to the Exit of the corner when you are half way through it. From now on, around every corner, turn your whole neck, not just your eyes, and look out of the corner and look to the exit when you are at the apex of the corner! You will notice that you corner sharper and can stay closer to the beacons. Your bike always goes where you look! We have all learnt this the hard way!

Step 4

Turn the bike with your hips! Here is where the fun comes in girls. Turn your inside see outwards. This turns your bike from your hips. Make sure all your weight is on your outside foot and turn that inside knee out and now cut in sharper after the apex of the corner and feel the fun! If you turn your bike from your hips you prevent over steering from your handle bar and will have much more control.

Step 5

Shine light out of your chest to point your chest to where you want to go! This finishes off the move beautifully. Don’t make any adjustments to your body position , just the sheer consciousness of pointing your chest to where you want your bike to go makes all the difference!



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