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Unveiling the Pique Advanced 29: Liv's Cutting-Edge Trailblazer!

Liv, the company dedicated to getting more women on bikes, today launched the new Pique Advanced 29 series, the 3rd generation of the performance XC product line. Tailored for race-minded cross-country riders, this series excels across both technical and fast terrains, blending efficient power transfer with precise control. Key updates include reduced weight, improved stiffness, refined geometry, and the introduction of FlexPoint Pro Suspension Technology, positioning it as a cornerstone in Liv’s 2024 performance-level lineup.


“It's an exciting new era in XC racing as courses get more technical and riders are stepping up to meet the challenge. Liv is at the forefront of supporting this shift," said Ludi Scholz, Liv's Global Off-road & Gravel Category Manager. "The Pique Advanced 29 represents our commitment to every woman who is pushing her limits in racing, from local events to the World Cup stage. We're here not just to keep pace, but to inspire and equip the next generation of women riders to conquer these demanding courses and make their own impact in the sport.”


The new Pique Advanced 29 boasts significant technological and design advancements. The frame’s proprietary high-performance grade raw carbon fiber has been upgraded to an even lighter material, resulting in an overall weight decrease of 297g from the previous generation. Reengineered tube shapes also contribute to this weight reduction, achieving necessary strength with less material. Additionally, these wider, square-shaped tubes have improved stiffness, resulting in a 6% increase in torsional stiffness and a 10% boost in pedaling stiffness, ensuring more effective power transfer.


In its latest iteration, the Pique Advanced 29 series transitions from the previous generation's Maestro Suspension Technology to the more efficient and lighter weight FlexPoint Pro Suspension Technology. This new suspension technology provides a patented, linkage-driven, single pivot design that effectively isolates forces, leading to improved control and increased traction. Riders will experience less fatigue and consistent performance, empowering them to confidently and swiftly navigate both challenging climbs and technical descents. The FlexPoint Pro suspension delivers 115mm of smooth, active rear-wheel travel, to maximize power and traction over versatile and challenging terrain. Combined with a slacker head tube angle and 120mm of front suspension, this setup ensures superior handling on technical descents.


To meet the demands of the increasing technicality of XC race courses, Liv has optimized the geometry of the Pique Advanced 29. A steeper seat tube angle increases pedaling efficiency during climbing and sprinting and a slacker head tube is intended for better descending performance and control. The longer reach means more aggressive and commanding riding due to a lower body position, and a shorter chainstay makes the bike even more agile and responsive when navigating switchbacks. These upgrades, coupled with increased rear and front wheel travel and 29-inch wheels, ensure the Pique Advanced 29 is Liv’s most capable XC offering to date.


Other important upgrades include an additional set of frame mounts under the top tube on sizes S, M, and L, providing versatility for attaching a water bottle cage or other accessories, ideal for long races and training sessions. The addition of new, integrated cable ports offer a clean look and smoother performance for derailleur, brake, and dropper seatpost cables. The all-new Giant/MRP chain guide reduces the likelihood of chain derailment on the chainring during rides on rough, technical XC terrain. Additional frame protection has been added to the down tube and chainstay to prevent damage and ensure a quiet and secure ride.


All models in the Pique Advanced 29 series are available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. Learn more at



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