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Rider Tracking for the Absa Cape Epic - SPOT Has It Covered

Globalstar Africa, whose SPOT Trace and SPOT Gen3 satellite tracking and emergency messaging devices keep an eye on riders, logistics vehicles and personnel at the Absa Cape Epic, have extended their partnership with the race and three affiliate Epic Series races until 2025. SPOT devices use the Globalstar network of low orbiting satellites to provide tracking and emergency messaging in areas of low GSM cellular coverage in the Western Cape, Swiss Alps and Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The benefit of each team carrying a SPOT Gen3 device during a race is obvious from a media perspective and has been proven numerous times throughout the partnership between SPOT and the various races in previous years. The near-real-time position updates that the tracking devices provide makes detailed live coverage possible in areas of low GSM coverage and allows for accurate estimates of arrival times at key locations on the course. Given the remote nature of the Absa Cape Epic, the Swiss Epic and The Pioneer, fuelled by Nutri-Grain, this information is vital to organisers.

“The Absa Cape Epic and the Epic Series are the vanguard of mountain bike racing on a regional and global scale. Being a global company, Globalstar has been well positioned to provide satellite tracking and emergency messaging to the Global Epic Series with a successful year of service not only for the Absa Cape Epic but the Swiss Epic and The Pioneer, fuelled by Nutri-Grain as well. Our SPOT devices, durable in nature, off-the-grid in operation, are very well suited to the rough and remote terrain that these races take place in. We are happy to announce the extension of our sponsorship for a further 5 years and look forward to the ride.” – Sean McCormick - Managing Director, Globalstar Africa.

The SPOT Trace tracking devices allow the Venue Operations Centre to accurately and efficiently manage logistics by tracking support vehicles and personnel in areas where connectivity was previously an issue. The emergency messaging function of the SPOT Gen3 device allows riders to call for help in a mechanical or medical emergency, regardless of cellular coverage. Medical responders and logistics assistance receive exact GPS coordinates to the rider’s positioning, allowing for quick and efficient response times. For friends or family members following online, SPOT provides peace of mind. Being able to track a loved one’s progress through the Swiss Alps, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, or across the Western Cape’s gruelling trails, is very reassuring and thanks to SPOT there is no need to anxiously await daily confirmation that all is well.

“Working with the SPOT team has been a pleasure” said Karen Clements, the Absa Cape Epic Race Director. “They add so much to the Absa Cape Epic for the riders, in terms of safety; to the fans, in terms of being able to follow from home; and to our media, in terms of being able to cover the racing more comprehensively. I am sure their involvement in the Swiss Epic and The Pioneer, fuelled by Nutri-Grain will continue to assist in elevating each event to the standards we have set in South Africa. SPOT’s incredible devices also allow us to track our logistics vehicles between race villages and out on the route during the Absa Cape Epic and FNB Wines2Whales. I look forward to continuing our working relationship with SPOT to 2025 and hopefully beyond.”

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