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New Cycling Pedals May Help Kneecap Burnout?

Here are some excerpts from a blog post written by a doctor after seeing his patient's results from using the Catalyst Pedals:

"If you look at modern clip-in pedals, they have a key flaw.

They basically replicate running on your toes… This ends up overloading the anterior compartment (kneecap)."

Consider how the forces get transmitted when force through the center of your foot… instead of running on your toes and transferring the force to the front of your knee, the forces now get transferred up the leg and distributed to the front and back of the knee.

Biomechanically, it all makes sense to me...It’s one of those simple ideas that when you hear about it, you say to yourself, “Oh, that’s obvious" Chris Centeno, M.D. - Specialist in the field of regenerative medicine and pioneer in stem cell research for orthopedic applications.

Click HERE read Chris's full blog post about the Catalyst Pedals.

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