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Shake it up! Make 2020 the Year of Doing Something Different.

The most common issue with new year's resolutions is they are broad goals. Wanting to lose weight, be more positive, or spend less money are all great goals, but they will remain out of reach until you have a game plan as to how to get there.

When it comes to cycling, what do you want from yourself this year? Make a list of things, both large and small, that you want to achieve. Then go through and get specific. If you want to ride more, great, now define what that looks like. Be realistic and honest with yourself, and only plan for what you know you can logistically fit into your life and schedule.


You could shake it up! Take the road less travelled. Try something outside of your comfort zone. Find a new path. Cycling is a wonderful sport but sometimes we become stuck in our training or riding routines. Why not make 2020 the year you become unstuck. The year of new pathways and of experiencing change. Take a leap, you may surprise yourself and fall in love with cycling in a whole new way.

Fresh Idea's

Commute to Work

Commuting to work is an easy way to get in some miles. You’re going to have to spend that time in transit anyways, and although it may take a little longer than it would in a car, it can have a huge impact.

Go on group rides

One of the greatest thing about cycling is the community. If you don’t already ride with a group, find one! You don’t need to commit to every ride, even once a month is a great way to meet new people, get inspired, and push yourself a little harder than you would on your own.

Try something new

This can be anything from trying new routes to trying a different type of cycling altogether. If you’ve only ridden smooth paved road, try some single track or gravel roads and enjoy the quiet the comes with deserted roads. It’s easy to find routes you like, and then ride them over and over, but branching out will give you a fresh appreciation of your area. Even if you’ve lived in the same area your whole life, I guarantee that there are roads you’ve never even seen.

Pick a Distance

This goal is for you and you alone. What is a distance that you would like to ride? Forget about time for now, and start working up to it. Find a route, or map one out yourself, and then aim to complete it. Not all of us are motivated enough to do this one on our own, if that’s you, then see below.

Sign up for a cycling event or race you never dreamt of doing

Once you’ve publicly (and financially) committed to something in the form of an event or a race, you’re a lot less likely to drop out. It really is one of the most effective forms of accountability. So, look for races you have always wanted to do and commit! Even if you’re nowhere near ready right now, once you sign up you’ll have no choice but to get started.

Try a multi-day or overnight tour

Whether you pack up your panniers with camping gear or book into a hotel, an overnight bike tour is an awesome way to get in some destination rides. Even if it’s just cycling to a new town, having a destination makes the ride a lot of fun, and you can treat it like a weekend getaway.

Travel with your bike

Consider taking your bike on your next holiday, or planning your trip around rides you want to do. Cycling is a great way to explore new areas, and you’ll be able to enjoy those evening beers guilt-free.

It’s easy to go into auto-pilot mode to get through to the end of the year. However, no matter how you feel, it’s a great time to reflect of the past year, and set some different goals for the next one. Go on. We dare you!



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