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New Gear: The tool you never thought you would ever need... Until you do - Ryder Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a small multi-tool to assist with your tubeless woes in the event of a flat and wheel removal. First, the tool acts as both a rim valve nut remover and valve core remover, with storage for a spare valve core.

The other end of the tool is a disc pad spreader, in case you accidentally squeeze the brake lever during your wheel change. The inside of the tool is made of stainless steel, for a rigid and durable design.

Features: - Accommodates various nut sizes - Tight storage for PV/FV valve core with a release on the reverse - Reinforced stainless-steel design

The Nut Cracker is the sort of tool you think you'll never need, until you do. On the one end there is a tubeless rim nut remover which can accommodate a range of diameters. If you have ever battled a tight lock nut on the trail side to pop in a tube, you'll know this little guy will come in handy. The inner section of the "jaws" is a valve core tool to remove or tighten a core.

Additionally, within the plastic body of the tool, a spare core is housed. Again, if you've been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a blocked/broken/lost valve core, this might just be a life saver (or at least a day saver).

Price: R100

We love the proudly South African product at the forefront of innovation in MTB.

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