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Shifting Perceptions: Video Series Which Will Inspire Every Female Rider.

Shifting Perceptions is a new, three part video series looking at what’s changing for women in mountain biking, who the athletes are who helped drive these changes, and what’s next for the sport.

“The women who compete at Crankworx are awe-inspiring athletes, full stop,” says Crankworx General Manager Darren Kinnaird, adding “We want people to view them as the heroes they are. Female mountain bikers are amazing riders. That’s all it needs to be about.”

Crankworx has been part of this change, providing a venue for these incredible athletes to compete. In 2015, the Crankworx World Tour was one of the early proponents of equal prize money for men and women. The series backed up its financial commitment with the more public move to put women and men together on all Crankworx podiums.

“We’re not trying to be, like, ‘we’re special’ or anything like that,” says Whistler’s Claire Buchar, the proud owner of dozens of hard-earned medals and trophies from Crankworx, World Cup races and National Champs. “We’re part of the scene. I think the end goal is just to be a part of mountain biking, whether you’re a guy or a girl.”

Episode 1:

15 years of Crankworx and milestones in women's mountain biking, Who is the key contributors and what sparks them, Crankworx have been on a quest to crown the best all around mountain bikers.

Episode 2:

What makes women think "if she can do it, I can do it". Who are the current riders on tour, influencing the new generation, and what it takes to stay at the top.

Episode 3:

The Sea to Sky corridor is arguably the best place to ride and is producing more and more athletes through youth initiatives. What it takes to go from amateur to pro.

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