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First Look: Squishy Bag - Keep it Together

So where do you keep all your loose objects when out on the trails? Do your keys, money, cell phone, lip-ice, nutrition and other stuff fill your cycling jersey pockets and make you look like you had one too many muffins at breakfast.....

Enter the squishy bag. A simple yet functional piece of equipment every cyclist will benefit from. The small soft carry bag can store all those loose objects simply and safely in a neat compact solution. No more rattling noises from the rider in front of you and no more wide eyed glares as you decent a rocky trail and objects go flying in every direction...

The squishy bag comes in two options for the rider - the Squishy Plus and the Squishy Tool.


No longer will the fear of a broken phone or lost key stop you from risking that next jump. Don’t let thoughts of a mud splash ruining your celebration call at the end of your ride cloud your focus. With Squishy Plus you get to #keepittogether, your phone, keys, credit cards/cash and any other essentials protected and still right in reach..


Let that saddle bag rattle quiet down, retain your focus by knowing all your life saving tools are always together, protected and just in reach. #keepittogether when you need it most, with new Squishy TOOL all your essentials, bomb,lever,tube,kit,tools,gels are all safe and secure in your very own grab and go bag.

The bag retails for around R245 at selected retailers.

For more information or to find a retailer check out

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