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Review: Dynaplug - Tyre repair the easy way!

Being stuck out on the trail with the dreaded sidewall cut or large puncture is bound to happen at least once on your MTB journey. If you are running tubeless tyres the sealant these days does a pretty good job of closing up and sealing small to medium size cuts and punctures but it is when the hole is just too big and just won’t seal, you will need to repair and plug it. A threaded plug fills larger holes and allows the sealant to seal around the plug and for you to continue on your way with little to no fuss. There are a variety of tools and different size plugs which you will find at your local bike shop. We came across the Dynaplug a few weeks ago and wanted to test the large marketing hype as being the best plug tool around.

The basic design of the Dynaplug follows most other plug tools except their plugs are made with a unique metal tip. Most other tools are pronged with sharp edges to pierce the tyre and release the plug, whereas the Dynaplug houses a pointed tip combined with the metal tipped plug and seems less harmful to tyre rims and the likes, should you get forceful with the tool while plugging your tyre. The plug also has a small barb which stops it from being pushed back out of the tyre once you have plugged it. Multiple size plugs are available allowing you to plug any size cut and some tool options in the range allow for you to carry various plugs within the tool itself, like the Dynaplug Micro Pro.

We have all had to use the standard plugs and tools out on the trail and let’s be honest, it’s a difficult task for most of us. We usually land up battling to get the plug into a cut and fiddling with the plug to position it correctly for it to seal. We found the Dynaplug to be thee most user friendly plug on the market. Not only do you simply push the Dynaplug with a plug inserted directly into the tyre and the plug stays behind, but it repaired almost all of the holes and cuts we tested it on without fail. The puncture was sealed and we could continue riding immediately.

A new option recently released by Dynaplug is the Dynaplug design combined with a CO2 inflator. The Dynaplug Air houses a single plug and has a normal CO2 canister attached to the back end of the tool. It works by piercing the hole and as the tool is removed, CO2 is released from two small holes in the tool itself behind the plug. You will need to plug the tool deeper into the tyre to get the holes inside the tyre casing. We recommend going in at an angle to avoid damaging the rim tape or casing. We were amazed at how simple it was to plug and inflate the tyre and we were ready to roll in no time.


The Dynaplug is a great sized, well thought out product which can easily save you precious time in a race or even just out on the trail when you want to get on with your ride. It is a simple and functional design which allows for minimal fuss when having to plug your tyre. It is not often that a product delivers on its marketing hype, but the Dynaplug really gave us overall good feels and smiles all round knowing the ease of use and simplicity of the tool. with various options, sizes and designs you can find the Dynaplug that fits your needs. You wont regret spending money on this essential tool.

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