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Welcome to the Pursuit Challenge - A New Style of Racing!

The COVID-19 pandemic has really put a spoke in the works of all major sporting events worldwide. We do however have some amazing challenges and race formats which have been created to curb our boredom and get us racing again. The Pursuit Challenge is a unique format of racing which is sure to capture the imagination of riders around the world.

Welcome to the Pursuit Challenge! The Pursuit is a series of timed challenges throughout the world; They set a date for each course that challengers can take part in. Each challenge can vary from a 2-day event up to a 10-day event across the globe.

The challengers can decide when they want to compete and how many times they would like to race. The rules are simple to follow and make the racing environment interesting and safe at all times.

Self-timing is essential, with a panel of judges to verify the route and timing afterwards. This will be uploaded onto a leaderboard where participants can compete for prize money and lucky draw prizes.

If you think you are up for the challenge, join them at Buffelsdrift Trail Park for the first event on 30 July 2020 – 09 August 2020.


30 Jul – 09 Aug | 84km

The first Pursuit Challenge will kick off at the popular Buffelsdrift Trail Park. The challenge is limited to 300 participants over a 10 day period.

The Bufuni Route is our endurance route, covering 85% of the combined Nguni and Buffel Routes.

This Route is not for the faint-hearted and should not be attempted unless you are capable of a 5hr + ride on challenging terrain.

Cost of Challenge

R299 – Pursuit Challenge

R349 – Pro Challenge

*If you would like to be eligible for prize money, you should enter as a pro.

Pro Male: First Place – R2000 | Second Place – R1000 | Third Place – R500

Pro Female: First Place – R2000 | Second Place – R1000 | Third Place – R500

Age Categories: Overall male and female winner of each category will win a prize which will be couriered to your doorstep after the race.

Junior | Senior | Sub-Vet | Vet | Master | Grand-Master

Lucky #55: Finish in this position on the leaderboard and receive a cool hamper from all our sponsors.

For more info or to enter Race #1 now :

Follow them on social media for all the latest updates and race day action:

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