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Exciting developments for schools cycling in South Africa The growth of the Spur MTB League over the past 10 years is one of the great success stories in South African cycling. The League has changed the cycling participation landscape to a youth heavy environment with thousands of youngsters participating in all provinces.

Spur Schools MTB League Announce Official Partners for 2020 In 2019 the SSMTBL launched the Official Partner program to generate additional revenue to help fund the development and transformation arm of the program. The SSMTBL has set itself the transformational goal to achieve 20% PDI participation in the League Finals by 2022 based on merit and would thus require that PDI schools build teams to participate and eventually qualify. To achieve these goals, the SSMTBL has established a Development Fund to facilitate the creation of talent identification programs in new regions and to provide general support to our transformation program.

“We are very excited to announce the expanded network of partners who not only bring financial support to the program but also help spread the vibe of the League via their extended marketing networks. In a very tough economic climate and changing adult participation habits, these brands realize the value of investing in youth mountain biking and in doing so, stimulating the development of a new customer base. A big shout-out must go to the major bicycle distributors who now share space on our platform, realizing that the competition for sales comes second to underpinning the growth of the sport.”  – Meurant Botha, League Director (Amarider)

Now in its twelfth year, the SSMTBL along with the league’s title sponsor, Spur Steak Ranches, is excited to announce several new partners, along with all our partners who supported us in 2019, to help grow the league and invest back into cycling.

Primary School riders ready to tackle the 2nd round of the 2019 SSMTBL season held at Bloemendal, WC.

Founding Partner: Spur Steak Ranches “The growth of the Spur schools MTB league remains excellent with an annual participation increase of 30% and a record amount of 19 300 entries at the end of 2019 from 65 events nationally. The league is providing further room for other brands to be a part of this growing program.  Spur Steak Ranches is proud to have Signal Bikes, SRAM, Anatomic Sportswear, uvex sports, Cyclesure, Falke, Trek Bicycle SA, Specialized Bicycles and Olympic International Footwear as partners and look forward to another amazing year of happy smiles as we get more kids on bikes! “ – Sacha du Plessis, Chief Marketing Officer (Spur Group)

Signal Bikes “Signal Bikes is stoked to announce the extension of its partnership with the Spur Schools League in 2020. The League’s spectacular growth in recent years is proof that the thrill and camaraderie of mountain biking is inspiring youngsters from all walks of life to spend more time outdoors as well as develop a healthy balance between their scholastic and sporting commitments. We look forward to building on the success of 2019, working alongside the League to create a safe, sustainable and healthy sporting experience for children across South Africa. See you in March at #SpurFest!” – Oli Munnik, Marketing Manager, Signal Bikes.

Anatomic Sportswear “In 2020, Anatomic Sportswear will be focusing on our core business – delivering quality, affordable cycling clothing to the people of Africa. We strive to give the schools identity and style. Our team of designers has offered a service to the schools and we are proud to manufacture some of the coolest cycling kit around. The introduction of League leader’s jerseys has all along been an exciting affair. Those jerseys are prime possessions through-out the country. What excites us about 2020 is the Spur Merchandise range we introduced in 2019. The full range will be on display at the 2020 Spur Fest in March. It will be available online on the SpurMTB website and our Anatomic Team plans to attend more than half the events in 2020 where riders will be able to touch, feel, fit and buy with no delay. Thanks, Spur for driving participation in our beloved sport!” – Attie Koekemoer (Anatomic Sportswear)

Photo by Chris Hitchcock / PhotoSport

SRAM “With the 2019 series a resounding success we look forward to even greater stoke for the 2020 season. It must be said that it’s not just the sheer number of kids that rock up to these events that is impressive, it is also the schools that should be admired for getting behind this great sport we call cycling. As SRAM says, ‘we believe in the power of bicycles’” – Warren Lamb, Cape Cycle Systems (SRAM)

Specialized Bicycles “Specialized Bicycles Africa has a proud history nurturing racers in partnership with Spur through our support of Team Spur. We are now stoked to be able to support the Spur Schools MTB League to help grow and develop the sport we love at a grassroots level. We believe that school cycling should be as much about participation, teamwork and celebrating the sport of cycling, as it about racing and winning. Many of our own staff and youngsters in the industry have moved through the Spur Schools MTB League and been molded and shaped as riders by the experience, and this is shaping the South African cycling landscape today. Not every rider that comes through the ranks will turn to cross country racing but what is fostered in each is a love for cycling, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. We are delighted to share in providing an exciting experience for young riders and contribute to the future of cycling in South Africa.” – Kylie Hanekom, Marketing Specialist & SBCU Manager (Specialized Bicycles Africa)

Photo by Chris Hitchcock / PhotoSport

Trek Bicycles “At Trek, we are committed to getting more kids on bikes, because more kids on bikes make the world a better place. Teaching kids that time spent on the trail is time well-spent, is a great way to set them up for success later in life. We are proud to be associated with the SSMTBL in 2020 and have the opportunity to contribute to a thriving and engaging community.

Ride bikes, have fun, feel good. – Frank Oliveira, Country Manager  (Trek South Africa)

Falke “Falke is proud to partner with the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League as the official sock sponsor and extends its mountain biking footprint in South Africa aiding in its growth within schools. Falke will be present during the thrilling series to ensure the comfort of riders and ultimately increase the rider’s performance. “We are honored to be part of this world-class South African event that attracts young cyclists from across the country,” says Group Marketing Executive Keaton Quarmby.  With innovation at its forefront, Falke will offer and educate riders in terms of advanced technology and wearer comfort as well as the importance of a well-fitted sock.  Falke socks are designed to go the distance and are able to counter the demanding Southern African climate. Falke is set to amplify the comfort of riders en-route through a world-class range of mountain bike specific socks. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Spur Schools MTB League and we are confident that this partnership will deliver on-point brand exposure, this allows us to engage directly with our target audience while showcasing and increasing awareness of our unique offerings and building relationships from the ground up. Our socks are designed to achieve a second-skin fit to help prevent friction, which causes blisters and discomfort, offering ultimate functionality and wearer advantage. Flawless fit is achieved by offering more sizes than most competitors, using only the best quality performance yarns.” she continues.   The Advanced Bike CoolLAYR, Limited Edition, MTB, Pro Cycle and Arm Protectors will provide cyclists with premium wearer comfort and support. Innovative hidden features include anti-microbial yarn in the CoolLAYR sock. Using ‘CoolLAYR Cooling Technology’ the sock is designed to reduce body temperature by up to 1-degree celsius and help you ride your best. These advance technological features and attractive hues set the tone for wellness and high-performance, ultimately appealing to younger consumers as well.” – Keaton Quarmby, Group Marketing Executive

uvex sports “It is a privilege for us at uvex to once again be involved with the Spur Schools Mountain Bike Series this year. Protecting people is our mission, our responsibility – but also our passion. uvex sports South Africa has partnered with the Spur Schools MTB series in an effort to help support and develop current and future talent. We are proud to be part of this series and are looking forward to what is to come this year, especially with the development of the youth and the future for our brand. We protect with the highest level of safety. When split seconds count. In every moment. 365 days of the year” – Odette Gillmer, Marketing Coordinator

Olympic International Footwear “Olympic International Footwear has been supporting local mountain biking events for many years. This year we decided to throw our weight behind the Spur Schools Series as we firmly believe in the power of sport to uplift communities and also find and develop the champions of tomorrow. We thoroughly support the League’s inclusiveness that allows children of all backgrounds to participate. Olympic International offers outstanding technical sports footwear at affordable prices, enabling sports enthusiasts to get into their chosen discipline and excel at it. Our ranges include all the latest performance-enhancing designs and technology, thus gaining popularity and acceptance from our sporty nation. We are excited about our partnership and look forward to creating an exciting and fun sporting experience for kids throughout South Africa.” – Fahiem Frizlar: Marketing Manager, Bolton Footwear and Olympic International

Should you wish to get involved, please contact us on 082 809 9878 or send an email to for more information.

The 2020 Spur Schools MTB League kicks off at the end of March with the annual #SpurFest at A Forever Resort, Gairepdam. Visit for more info and to enter.



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