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Schurter, Courtney and SRAM Renew Contracts Until 2022 with SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing

Scott-sram mtb racing

Olympic Champion Nino Schurter and World Cup Champion Kate Courtney extend their contracts until 2022 with SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing, so do SRAM and RockShox.

Setup for success: SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing have everything they need to sweep podiums at the highest level of the sport, just like in 2019. Pictured below, from left: Yanick Gyger (Mechanic), Thomas Frischknecht (Team Director), Nino Schurter, Kurt Gross (Mechanic), Lars Forster, Julia Hegar (Physio), Kate Courtney, Brad Copeland (Mechanic), Andri Frischknecht | Photography: Sven Martin, Etienne van Rensburg, Shaun Roy

Nino Schurter: “Hungry for more titles.”

The living legend of the sport, Nino Schurter, has been racing on SCOTT since ever, and in Thomas Frischknecht’s team since 2002. Just like with the rest of the team, Schurter had a contract until the end of 2020. At the age of 33, the winner of three Olympic medals, 8 World Championships and 7 World Cup Champion titles as well as 32 World Cup races, commits to two more years racing at the highest level beyond 2020. “I’m anything but tired of what I do- whether racing or winning. There is still a lot I want to do and to win, and a lot we can achieve together with this team,” Nino says.

“Winning a fourth Olympic medal would be a dream. Equalizing Julien Absalon’s record of 33 UCI MTB World Cup wins is something I want to achieve, too. Stage racing has become another passion of mine, so winning the legendary Cape Epic for a third time in my second home South Africa is another goal on my bucket list.“

Nino Schurter


Inspiring racers and mountain bikers around the world, Nino puts the record chase on top of his agenda. “Life as a professional mountain biker has provided me with incredible highs, and several lows. I’ve learned to enjoy both. After all these years, I now ask myself why I would stop when things seem to be at their best? I still have the self-confidence that I can be the best on race day, every race day. I won’t set my future goals or expectations lower than where they have been for years. I’m a racer by heart, it’s truly in my blood and once you’ll see me on a start line of a race, you’ll most likely never see me aiming for second. I want to win races, and beat records, no matter what it takes. This goal, and the fact that I’m surrounded by great people keeps me as focused as ever to keep achieving the very best.”

Kate Courtney


Kate Courtney: “Had no idea what impact a new team would have on me.”

World Cup Champion Kate Courtney, who is on the SCOTT team since only 2019, states: “Last season, when I joined the SCOTT-SRAM team I knew I was being given the opportunity to learn from the best. At the time, however, I had no idea the depth of the impact the team, environment and support would have on me personally and professionally. Win or lose, having the right people around you is what allows you to continue to set big goals and push beyond your limits. For me that goal was achieved last season winning the World Cup overall and currently as I prepare to give my best performance possible at the Olympic Games this summer.”

“I am incredibly proud and excited to extend my contract with the team and to retain our key sponsors with SCOTT and SRAM. When it comes to working with this group of people and riding on what is in my opinion the best equipment available – I couldn’t say yes fast enough!”- Kate Courtney

“My aspirations, and the aspirations of this team, go far beyond this year’s Olympic games. Through our partnership, I hope to continue to pursue excellence in every aspect of my cycling career and aim for the top in many races to come.“

Kate Courtney SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing
Kate Courtney SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing

For the upcoming 2020 season, SCOTT-SRAM continues with Swiss rider Lars Forster who joined the team in 2019 and proved himself a great addition with his maiden win at the last round of the World Cup in 2019. He was also the perfect fit to attack in stage races like Cape Epic together with Nino Schurter. Andri Frischknecht completes the setup and heads into his 4th year racing the Elite class.

SCOTT-SRAM doesn’t only have the most successful riders on their team. At races, where every second counts and every detail matters, a team also needs the most capable mechanics and support team. With Yanick-the-mechanic Gyger, Brad Copeland and Kurt Gross, Schurter & Co. rely on the scene’s top notch bike handlers.

Brad Copeland and Yanick-the-Mechanic.
Brad Copeland and Yanick-the-Mechanic.

Continuity since 2002- Racing at the highest level with SRAM & RockShox

Being major partners since 2002, SRAM and RockShox have a long tradition with SCOTT and the team as reliable partners. SRAM stepped up as a title sponsor in 2017. Extending the cooperation for a further two years after the 2020 season provides stability to the team and ensures a strong commitment. Team Manager Thomas Frischknecht says, “In addition to the racing results, which speak for themselves, there is a fruitful bond between the team and its partners involved in product development. We love contributing to the creation of the fastest bikes and equipment on the planet, and really enjoy this involvement with both SCOTT and SRAM/RockShox as well with all of our other partners.”

“As we begin our 20th year as a team, I look back on a legacy of success. I’m thrilled that this team continues to shine. Continuity has been key to our success. At SCOTT-SRAM, we know that we can rely not only on long-term athletes like Nino Schurter, but also on partners like SCOTT and SRAM who have been with us since 2002.”

Thomas Frischknecht

Team Director


“As we begin our 20th year as a team, I look back on a legacy of success. I’m thrilled that this team continues to shine. Continuity has been key to our success. At SCOTT-SRAM, we know that we can rely not only on long-term athletes like Nino Schurter, but also on partners like SCOTT and SRAM who have been with us since 2002.”

David Zimberoff

VP of Marketing – SRAM

“We at SCOTT do have a strong heritage in racing. We’ve always been commited to it and we always will be. Racing is the spearhead of the sport. Only with the help of world class athletes and especially with their feedback are we able to develop world class products. We’re incredibly proud to have the industry’s best partners on our side and to continue this path of success together.”

Reto Aeschbacher

CMO & Brand Manager

SCOTT Sports



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