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Pursuit Challenge: Sarah Hill Rules Them All in the Women's Pro Race

The first Pursuit Challenge Pro edition was a massive success! Every rider started on a time trial format, which made for some interesting race tactics in the challenge.

Sarah Hill took the win in the first Pursuit Challenge race.

In the ladies race, Sarah Hill set the pace for the first half of the race. Danielle Strydom passed Tiffany Keep on the first climb, to chase Sarah’s wheel to the finish line. At checkpoint 5, Danielle had an 8-second lead in front of Sarah. A small mistake at the finish line cost Danielle the first place and Sarah Hill won with a 3-second gap in front of Danielle. 

Pursuit Challenge #1 Pro Women Podium

  1. Sarah Hill – 3:52:27

  2. Danielle Strydom – 3:30:37

  3. Tiffany Keep  – 4:12:59

Entries for the race is still open until Sunday, see if you can beat the current challenger record of 03:22:29 by Dewald. Keep watching their social media pages for the next Pursuit Challenge. 

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