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#myjoberg2c - One Women's Journey to 9 Days of Mountain Biking Adventure.

As I sit here on my indoor bike trainer on what would have been the first day of #myjoberg2c 2020 race, I am full of emotions. Sadness, frustration, annoyance, despondent… the list goes on and on. But the more I think of it, these emotions are smothered and extinguished with gallons gratitude and a big warm smiling heart. I feel extremely humbled when I think back to everything that was apart of my journey right up to the day when we got the email to say the Joberg2c was not going to take place because of COVID-19. I was shattered by that news but understood the reasons for the cancellation. It was a difficult pill to swallow, the many hours I put into training, the depths I went to educating myself about nutrition, equipping myself with everything I possibly could to make this race a memorable and enjoyable one, the difficult days I had to endure – it felt like it had all been snatched away in a blink of the eye… but had it? I sit here on this bike (which I have developed a love hate relationship with over the past 30 days) with my health, my fitness, a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a bunch of people that I know are just there for me. I sit here with a mountain of knowledge that I gained by surrounding myself with the most amazing, inspiring and motivating people that have each contributed in some way, big or small to this journey of mine. I sit here reflecting on what an amazing life I have to be able to take part in something as amazing and adventurous as #joberg2c Looking back at all the photos I posted for my diary entries, the memories created, the laughs and adventures had. The self-development and self-gain that I walk away with – I have learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of, I just know that I can overcome any obstacle I come across (on the bike and in life). The people that I have met along the way and have developed friendships with, as well as the people who were already in my life who held

my hand when I needed someone else’s strength (you all know who you are – thank you)…. I am just so grateful for all of it and for all of you who were and are a part of it because this journey as it is, is not going to end here. I will keep on growing and learning, bettering myself and getting fitter, riding my bike and loving living life and creating adventures! I WILL be on that start line of #joberg2c 2021 next year with even more appreciation of where I am, who I am and where I will be going….


Yours in adventure


Lindsey Lotringer:

"To me, old age is always 20 years older that I am… sorry to everyone that’s 60! The older I get, my life gets more and more adventurous and I am absolutely loving it! Being 40 is knowing what I want, who I am and proud of what I have become. I am a partner to the most amazing guy, mother (well, step mom really but I don’t like that description) to Kim who’s turning 12, a very grateful entrepreneur of a bustling catering company which has grown into a healthy happy business over the last 5 years, I am a friend, a sister, an aunt and a daughter… I am who I have made myself into and I love it! I started riding in 2012 and it fast became a part of me… the personal challenges it brings, the smile I get after achieving, the social side of it, the chance to exhale after a busy week – you don’t need a therapist if you ride a bicycle, especially if it’s a mountain bike!"

“The fun begins where the tar ends”


joberg2c is riding the off-roads less travelled and trails never travelled across four provinces of South Africa. It is sharing a passion for mountain biking with those who love riding. The communities, the trails, the landscapes and the feast of flavours all conspire to make this a journey for the soul. for more info visit their website:



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