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Hannah Rhodes sets new Everesting record

Brit Hannah Rhodes broke the women's Everesting record and is now the fastest rider, man or woman, in the U.K. to have completed the challenge.

Female cyclists are setting new Everesting records almost every week.

On Thursday, Englishwoman Hannah Rhodes toppled Lauren De Crescenzo’s Everesting record with a time of 9:08:31. De Crescenzo set her record on May 31 to oust Boels-Dolmans’s Katie Hall from the throne. All of these attempts have occurred within two weeks of each other.

Rhodes record was confirmed Thursday by Hells 500, the “creators and custodians” of the Everesting records.

Rhodes chose Kirkstone Pass in England’s Lake District for her attempt, and she completed 27.5 laps on the steep ascent. The climb has an average gradient of 10.9 percent, and according to her Strava file, her effort actually brought her to 30,725 in just over 105 miles.

Her weighted average power was 215 watts.

According to Hells 500, Rhodes holds, “124 pages of QOMs [on Strava] and won last summer’s Alpe d’Huez Grimpee (50:39) and was 4th at the Nat HC on Haytor last year.” She now holds the overall Everesting record, male or female, for the United Kingdom.

Rhodes dedicated her effort to the Staffordshire North & Stoke-on-Trent CitizensAdviceBureaux. Donations to her cause can be made here.

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