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Don't Miss the 2023 FNB Wines2Whales: Here's Why an Unforgettable Journey Awaits!

Are you ready for an extraordinary mountain biking adventure? Look no further than the 2023 Wines2Whales, an event that promises an unforgettable experience for riders of all levels. Get ready to be part of something truly special. Here are the real reasons why you can't afford to miss this incredible race.

1. Empowering Women in Mountain Biking:

The 2023 Wines2Whales stands out from the crowd by hosting a dedicated race for women. The Chardonnay event (20-22 October 2023) is focussed on women and highlighting them through the race. It's a privilege to be part of an event that celebrates the development and participation of women in the sport. With a women's only start batch at the Chardonnay event and equal prize money across various categories, this race showcases the organisers' commitment to women’s cycling. Join your fellow female riders, compete on equal footing, and be recognized just as much as everyone else. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss!

2. Unparalleled Beauty in South Africa:

Prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring landscapes of South Africa's Western Cape. The race takes you through breathtaking fynbos forests, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, and across stunning vistas that will leave you in awe. Every pedal stroke immerses you in soul-stirring beauty, making this journey an experience of a lifetime. We all love to ride our bikes in beautiful places right?

3. A Route and Ride Like No Other:

The route of the 2023 Wines2Whales is truly special, offering a perfect blend of gravel, jeep track, and single track. Two years ago, the race organisers introduced the Switchback event, featuring unique and newly created trails that highlight the route's topography by reversing the original route. Whether you've ridden the original route or not, the 2023 edition is your chance to experience this magical journey the Switchback has to offer, firsthand. Not just a flip, copy and paste edition, the route builders have created unique trails to highlight the landscape as you traverse the route. Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary trails that awaits you!

4. Race Village Vibes and Gees:

Step into the vibrant atmosphere that is the Wines2Whales race village, where a special energy and excitement fill the air. The village layout is designed with logistical precision, ensuring easy movement for all participants. From well-thought-out amenities to the chill zone and other essential services, everything is crafted to cater to your needs after a day on the bike. Indulge in great food options, enjoy warm showers, have your bike washed, and access vital mechanical and medical services. This race village truly becomes your home away from home.

5. Great Value for Money:

We understand that mountain bike stage events can strain your budget. We truly believe that the Wines2Whales offers unparalleled value for money for a South African stage race. Your investment gets you an unrivalled rider experience both on and off the bike. Prepare to be pampered with an incredible goodie bag, enjoy custom-built trails, unwind in chill zones with free Wi-Fi, and get your hands on top-notch race merchandise. Add excellent hospitality to the mix, and you'll realize that every cent spent is worth the unforgettable racing experience.

The 2023 Wines 2 Whales is set to be an absolute triumph for all riders. The organisers are committed to delivering on their promise that our shared love of riding wins the day, and they are excited to fulfil their commitment of #seriousgees to every rider. Don't miss your chance to be part of this incredible event. Register now and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Event details:

Get all the race info and enter at:

  • Chardonnay

20 – 22 October 2023

  • Pinotage

23 – 24 October 2023

  • Shiraz

27 – 29 Oct 2023

Visit their Facebook page to see all the images and videos:

See the journey here:



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