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Rising: Kate Courtney's Race To The Top

Rising - a series presented by Scott. The series looks at Kate’s rise in the sport of mountain biking, how she trains and seeks to give an inside look at the World Cup action in 2019! Take a look at what elements come together to allow Kate to compete and be at her best.

Rising – Ep 1: Roots

Join us for the first chapter of Rising as we go to the roots of Kate Courtney’s mountain bike career.

Despite her young age of 23, Kate Courtney belongs on the list of the most influential cyclists. Kate inspires people inside and outside mountain biking through authentic character and perseverance as an athlete. Each chapter will take a personalized look at Kate’s journey so far and goals to come as she looks towards the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Rising – Ep 2: No Train No Gain

How do you train for the UCI World Cup racing? SCOTT-Sram athlete and 2018 Elite XCO World Champion, Kate Courtney shows us how in Ep.2 No Train, No Gain.

Rising – Ep 3: Set Up for Success

Suspension, tire pressure, cock pit set-up- getting bike settings dialled is an integral part for an XC athletes’ performance. For World Champion Kate Courtney who is racing on the highest level, that means that she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her bike being 100% ready on race day.

Rising – Ep 4: Full Send

Incredibly technical courses with unpredictable conditions is Elite Mountain Bike racing in 2019. That’s why technical skills has been a key focus for Kate Courtney, under the wing of Thomas Frischkneckt on the SCOTT-SRAM team. What kind of skills for this accomplished racer? Find out in Episode 4 of Rising with Kate Courtney, Full Send.

Rising – Ep 5: The Mental Game

Coming into the season wearing the rainbow jersey meant all eyes were on Kate Courtney for 2019. Kicking it off with three World Cup wins added to the attention. In only her second year of Elite, the world was curious what this rising star could accomplish. But expectations and pressure can weigh heavy on a young athlete. In the final 2019 episode of Rising with Kate Courtney we dive into the Mental Game of elite mountain bike racing.

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