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A Look Into Van Life As a Solo Female Mountain Biker!

Meet Callie!

Callie is a solo female van lifer who has converted her off road van into a home on wheels!

Callie has been in the mountain bike and outdoors industry for quite some time. At 25 she has already owned a bike shop, earned mountain bike mechanic certification, and has custom outfitted two vans all by herself.

Callie is all about women empowerment and is now working on a super rad online resource website called Wild Grit. Through Wild Grit she plans to share her extensive knowledge about working in a male dominated industry through courses and write ups to help women feel less alone and more empowered!

Her van tour will be out soon. Stay tuned and subscribe so you don't miss it! ⬇⬇

Check out Callie and Wild Grit here! ⬇⬇

Check Out Wild Grit:

Check Out Her Youtube:

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