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Zwift Partners with Absa Cape Epic with new group workout series.

Zwift, the multiplayer online training and racing platform, today announces a formal partnership with the Absa Cape Epic. As part of the partnership, Zwift will be hosting an eight week Group Workout series commencing on 21 January 2019.

The workout series has been designed by former World Cross Country MTB and four-time Absa Cape Epic Champion, Annika Langvad. The Group Workouts will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays commencing on Jan 22. Group Workouts are unique to Zwift and enable Zwifters to train together, following a properly structured workout program. All riders are able to train to their own training zones, based on a percentage of their FTP (Functional Threshold Power). Zwift keeps all riders banded together for a collective training experience.

As part of the partnership, Zwift will be following Absa Cape Epic Founder, Kevin Vermaak, as he prepares for the 2019 event, training with his partner, Andrew Hunt on Zwift. Hunt is Kevin’s first stage race partner where they completed LA RUTA DE LOS CONQUISTADORES in 2002. The event is in Costa Rica where Hunt still resides, some 7 000 miles (11 300 kilometres) from Cape Town. The 2019 Absa Cape Epic will be the second stage race they will compete in together.

“I’m really excited to deliver our first mountain bike specific program on Zwift.” Says Zwift CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Min. “The Absa Cape Epic is a beautiful event, but one that requires serious training. I have no doubt that our training programme will help participants this year, and allow them to get even more enjoyment from the challenge. I’ll be keeping an eye on Kevin’s training progress over the next eight weeks, so no pressure!”

“I’m going to need the best preparation possible” said Vermaak. “Zwift is not just an effective training tool, but also a fantastic way of bringing people and communities together. This training program will help bring the Absa Cape Epic community together under one roof with this training series. For me though, it will also bring me closer to my training partner. Andrew is based on the other side of the world, so this is the first time that we will actually be able to train together ahead of the race.”

The full Absa Cape Epic workout series will be made available to all Zwifters as a training plan after this year’s race which takes place from the 17th to the 24th of March.

More information on the series can be found at:

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