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Team Ascendis Health will come to an end after the 2018 season as Robyn de Groot seeks treatment for

Team Ascendis Health Professional ladies mountain bike team will come to an end following the 2018 season. Serious vascular problems afflicting their main rider, Robyn de Groot seem to be the reason that Lange Sports, who manages the team, has made the decision . De Groot was diagnosed with a “severe blood-flow problem” after the world marathon champs in Auronzo, Italy, in September.

According to the team’s statement, the problem was caused by kinking and stenosis of the common iliac and external iliac arteries, which affected the flow of blood to her left leg. De Groot suffered a drop in her performances over the last 20 months due to a burning sensation and loss of power in her left leg.

The doctors gave her two options – to stop cycling or have complicated vascular surgery.

She has opted for the surgery which will see her off for the better part of the 2019 season. “I’m in the process of booking my surgery in the Netherlands,” she said in the statement.

“I then need to start an arduous process of getting my medical aid onboard to cover this highly specialised surgery. The doctors and surgeons I have seen there have done this treatment with a very high success rate,” she added.

De Groot said her 2019 plans were primarily focused on recovery before she could contemplate a return to racing. “The plan is to ‘get fixed’, recover well and return to professional marathon and stage racing ."

We wish Robyn all the best for her surgery and a smooth road ahead as she recovers from her injuries. We look forward to seeing her back on the top step of the podium in the near future.

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