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Industry Powerhouse Interview: Charnelle & Lynn Munitich

Female driven businesses are staking their claim and becoming a force to be reckoned with ; not only in the mountain biking arena, but also the wider sports events scene. DirtyHeart wanted to learn more about what makes them successful and current in a male dominated industry . We recently got to chat to two energetic entrepreneurs who are shaking up the ladies sporting arena and giving women a safe and comfortable place to grow and enjoy the sport they love. Charnelle and Lynn from Two The Core Events sat down with us and told us their story...

GIRLS ON THE GO is an innovative Marketing and Events Company focused on your smaller, intimate events. We began our journey in 2003 focusing on the golf arena before making the shift across to Cycling and Trail Running events in 2012. Whilst in the golf industry we founded the Mercedes Benz Ladies Classic as well as the Grand Central Motors’ Ladies Challenge focusing our efforts on Women’s Golf, which is where our passion for women in sport was born. The obvious next step was to create a brand, which focused solely on lady specific events, which was when Girls On The Go came to be.

“We believe that every women is a Goddess within her own right and is appreciated as an equal amoungst other women alike”

The girls

Two extraordinary “girls” both having worked in the event and hospitality industry for over 26 collective years who understand “what women want."

Charnelle Munitich – has been in the event industry for the past fourteen years. She was entirely dedicated to “Plus Fore Golf’ up until three years ago when she began her second company, namely “Two The Core Events”, which focuses on branding and event management. Charnelle has a passion for people and enjoys the thrill that each event brings. Her motto is “Have faith in yourself, live life to the full and never give up”. Lynn Munitich – has been in the Marketing and Advertising industry for over twelve years which lead her into the event business. Lynn is an outgoing people’s person who has passion for her career as well as her events. She welcomes the challenge of making every project a success and likes to live by the motto “ Rather regret the things you have done than the things you have not“.

Starting out

We started as a sporting events company all those years ago and made the transition from golf into cycling / trail events at the opportune time. The market has taken off in South Africa and mountain biking and trail events are flying high. This was a very exciting shift for us especially as we took on the management of a mountain bike park, which is the “home” of Two The Core Events. Girls on the Go centres

around the female side of the sport and we promote and drive women participation in and around events.

Share with us your vision for Girls on the Go and your company for the future.

The GIRLS ON THE GO brand is all about getting like minded ladies together in a relaxed environment where they can socialise, network and build a strong GOTG community and database with various benefits and opportunities that we will present to them. It’s about having fun, being comfortable, empowering themselves and generally being a lady and making a difference. GIRLS ON THE GO will continue to inspire health, motivate physical as well as mental fitness whilst encouraging ladies to live life to the fullest. Our aim is to continue to host World-class events that are experience driven not only for our participants but also for our sponsors and partners who continue to give back.

What has been the most surprising thing about Girls on the Go?

The most surprising element of Girls On The Go would definitely be to witness how from business women to housewives to sporting personalities and even young juniors would all come together on an even playing field to do what they love. The camaraderie amongst the women is what makes this brand so awe- inspiring. The ladies thrive on lifting each other up and that is really something amazing to see from us ladies. As Women, we have been welcomed with open arms by the cycling industry. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and in giving value to our riders, which has been well received by women and men alike.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing you have learnt about this industry what would you tell your young eager self?

If I could go back and tell my young eager self anything about this industry it would be to understand that everything happens for a reason. Without mistakes and failure, you would never have learned. Without pain, you would never have grown. Once you understand this - really understand this - you will know that everything comes in to serve a purpose.


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