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Eurobike 2018 : Walk around

Eurobike is the world’s largest cycling trade show. It's packed full of the latest tech, bikes, gadgetry and kit galore, not to mention plenty of weird and wonderful creations. Here are some of the weird and wonderful things on show at the 2018 event.

Lazer Century with Twistcap

The Century takes its name from Lazer’s 100 years in helmets. This model features Twistcap: a panel affixed to the helmet by magnets. Set it one way and you have maximum ventilation. Twist it 180 degrees and put it back in place. Then you decrease the amount of air coming in and get a bit more aero. At the back, an integrated light makes you more visible to other traffic.

Scott Genius eRide 900 Tuned

The ebike by Scott has a top spec: SRAM X01 GX Eagle 12-speed, Shimano E-8000 motor with 500 Wh battery and Scott’s TwinLoc suspension system on the Fox 36 Float Factory fork with 150 mm of travel and Fox Nude TR EVOL shock, also with 150 mm of travel.

Crankbrothers Stamp 1

The entry-level Stamp 1 is made from a polycarbonate material (or for the layman, plastic), comes in three colours (blue, red and black), features two sizes like its more expensive Stamp brothers .

ROVAL: Here's your 13 speed drive train.

Tugging on steel cables to change gears might sound a bit archaic, but modern drivetrains perform pretty damn well these days. We've got single chainring setups that deliver over 500-percent range, don't require a guide, and are relatively reliable and lightweight. Life is good.Rotor thinks it could be better, though, and their approach uses hydraulic fluid instead of a cable, and a massive 10 - 52 spread, 13-speed cassette that should provide enough range for any rider and any mountain.

The Spanish brand has been using hydraulic fluid for their Uno system for years now, although I bet you're more likely to see a Sumatran Rhino in the wild than an Uno drivetrain. Rotor's taken what they've learned with Uno and applied that to their 1x13 system, but they've also designed it to be extremely modular and ready for all sorts of uses: it can be set up as a 1x12 or 1x13 system with four different cassettes, and be used on road, gravel, and mountain bikes thanks to different shifters. I know what you're thinking: Why the hell do we need 13 cogs? Well, we obviously don't need 13, or 12, or 11, or even 8 cogs to enjoy riding, but more cogs can mean smaller jumps between each gear, which is an important point when you're looking at a 10 - 52 spread cassette.


Muc-Off has today announced what it says is an exciting new range of products, which demonstrate and paralleled level of attention to detail in order to help meet the growing needs of today’s cyclists.

That starts with e-bike products. Muc-Off says that as the take-up of e-bikes has gathered pace, there’s a need for e-bike specific maintenance products. The mix of electric currents and water can mean that e-bike parts are more prone to electrolytic corrosion than a normal machine.

So Muc-Off has a new anti-corrosion spray (£14.99), which uses additives and inhibitors to keep corrosion at bay. Muc-Off says that it also works on already-corroded or rusty surfaces, by driving out moisture and leaving an anti-corrosive layer to protect your e-bike. There’s also a new e-bike dry chain cleaner (£9.99) and dry wash (£11.99), which obviate rinsing with water – probably a good idea with electrical components around.

When you’re lugging your disc braked bike around or cleaning it, Muc-Off has a patent pending neoprene disc brake cover (£22.50) to help protect your stoppers from stray lubricant or frame protector.

Hutchinson's Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitor

This one definitely falls under the 'want' category rather than the 'need' category, but it might be just the ticket for riders like myself who are unashamed gear dorks. Hutchinson's 'Connect Tires' is a real-time pressure monitoring system for road and mountain use that, thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility, can tell your phone, smart watch, or GPS unit exactly what's happening with your air pressure. The unit pictured here is a prototype, with the production version being encased in a waterproof housing that your tubeless valve passes right through to hold it in place, and the whole thing sits down in the rim bed. Most interestingly, the Connect Tires works with both tube and tubeless setups thanks to dual pressure-measuring systems. If you run tubes you should stop doing that, but if you insist on using tubes, a load sensor measures exactly how hard the tube is pushing down on it and it can determine your air pressure from there.

Wahoo launches cheaper Kickr, plus trainer-controlled fan

Wahoo's Kickr revolutionized indoor training, but the power-measuring smart trainer that works with third-party apps to control resistance is cost-prohibitive for many. Now, Wahoo has a £699 / $899 Kickr Core that uses the same technology and flywheel but with a different leg configuration. The company also has a new category of product: the smart fan, with the speed determined by your effort level (heart rate, power or speed, via ANT+).

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