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5 Ways to Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Mountain Biking is a fantastic way to move outside of your comfort zone. The demands of the sport can push you towards things you never dreamt were possible. The ways in which we deal with moving outside of our safe space can mean the difference between a good ride and a great one.

Most of the time we like to confine ourselves in cocoons of safety. We make life a routine and don’t strive to be better people. Going for the simplest option is natural. Besides, you are safe and surviving without ever having to face your fears and overcoming them.

Unfortunately, living an ordinary life isn’t exactly living life to the fullest. One misses a lot when it comes to learning new things, great experiences, acquiring skills, having fun, and personal growth. The same lessons can be used in your cycling journey.

If you have ever desired to get out of that limiting cocoon, here are some tips on ways you can get outside your comfort zone.

Be comfortable in NOT being comfortable

The first step to getting out of your comfort zone is literally expanding your boundaries. Expanding your boundaries most definitely will be uncomfortable. However, the sooner you get used to and start facing discomfort the better and easier your journey will be. One of the interesting ways to get used to discomfort is sticking around in that uncomfortable situation for a longer period than you normally would. It is going to be a weird situation at first. But the longer and the more often you get yourself into such situations you would normally avoid, the more you get used to it, and you become comfortable.

Take risks, and hang out with risk takers

There are no two ways about it. When it comes to overcoming fear, either you face it, or you face it. The best way to overcome a fear or to venture into new territories is trying out new things. Hanging out with risk takers is usually a great idea. You can easily emulate what they are doing. Surrounding yourself with risk takers has a trickling effect. With time you will realize you are not scared of doing those things you are scared of or avoiding now.

Baby steps

This is one of the most realistic aspects of expanding one’s boundaries. If you make a drastic move, chances are you are going to bounce back when overwhelmed by what is beyond your comfort zone. The mind and body work with through conditioning. So. Take baby steps towards conquering your fears. If you have a fear of talking to new people, start by saying hi to your neighbors. If it’s public speaking, start by addressing small groups like your family. Expand slowly from there. When you look back, you’ll surely be surprised how far you have come.

Make snap decisions, and make a fool of yourself

Comfort zones at times are usually formed because we fear what others might think about us. But when you come to think of it, some of the people who are loved most and prove to be great company are those who do crazy and weird things without fear. They are people who act silly without worrying what others around them think. So why should you be worried about what they will think? Go ahead, and do that crazy little thing that will bring you out of your shell! You will be just fine, I promise...

Be honest with yourself, and stop making excuses

Fear will always be somewhere in the corner when you want to try out something different. However, let that not be an excuse for you to come up with all manner of reasons as to why you should not do what you want to do. Be honest with yourself and avoid the excuses. Instead, try coming up with more reasons as to why you should do that thing and motivate yourself to do it. The position you will be in after facing the situation is far better than when you keep harboring your fears. If you don’t try it out, you will never figure it out.

Stepping out of your comfort zone brings out the best in you and allows you to experience life (and your riding) from a whole different perspective. Enjoy exceeding your boundaries and have fun. You will realize that you are actually living a more fulfilled life. Get on your bike and look to conquer that which has been conquering you!

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