Every week in June

Go on a bike ride and find the items on the card

No pics, no proof

We will feature your submissions on Dirtyheart and we have some incredible prizes up for grabs


  • Every week in June we will create a bike bingo card that you can use to create your submission. We will post the bingo card on our social media every Monday morning.

  • During your weekly rides, trying to find the items on the card. This might require you to change it up, take a risk, or do something different. Go for it!

  • Take a picture of each item. Remember, no pics, no proof. Get creative.

  • Create a collage of the 10 items or post all ten in an album on your social media (Facebook or Instagram). Make sure the post is public so we can see your submission. 

  • Tag @dirtyheartmtb AND use the hashtags #dirtyheartbikebingo #dirtyheartsquad